DigiBS 350


The DigiBS 350 system is the integration of a technologically advanced variable angle saw and a length stop.

The saw is an 'Up-cut' type of saw with a blade diameter of 350 mm, the positioning of the rotary table which allows angles from 20° to 160° is accurately controlled from a CNC unit.

The unique mechanical structure of the DigiBS 350 is strictly derived and improved from the DigiBS maintaining its well-known strength and precision qualities and improved cutting characteristics due to the bigger cutting diagram.

The machine is designed to cut a profile at the correct length and process the head cut of the piece that follows at the same time, even for angles different from 90 degrees performing two specular cuts in a row.

The cutting area is fully enclosed in a protection guard which can be opened for access only when the machine is not operating. A safety device locks the guard when the machine is working, to guarantee the highest levels of safety for the operator.

The DigiBS 350 has a very fast cutting cycle due to the 'short stroke' action of cutting blade.

Additionally the DigiBS 350 has also been equipped with an adequate system for waste pieces to be expended from the machine and it is supplied with two outlet ports for the dust extraction system.

The length stop is made of robust aluminium structural profiles with a stepper motor controlled integrated carriage positioning system, this positioning system is managed by the control unit and the measurement is verified with a magnetic measurement system that can have a very impressive accuracy of + or - 0.1mm. This allows the length stop to achieve optimal positioning speeds with high precision.

The new Control Unit is Windows CE based with a colour 7” Touch Screen interface.

This is an “industrial standard” control, that guaranteed:

- System stability

- Malware protection

- Fast start up time

- No switch off procedure needed

The Windows based software also allows to easily connect the machine to the workshop LAN (Ethernet as standard) to download the working lists from a shared folder and remote control the machine for assistance.

The software is provided also with an on-line help which guide the operator with the description of the page or, in case of error, a troubleshooting guide to solve it. This feature allows also to consult pneumatic and electric diagrams directly on screen.

There is no need to order the machine in a specific configuration as the DigiBS 350 can be configured anytime Left or Right Hand.

You just need to move the length stop on the opposite side, place the leg on the other end of it and slide the electric box underneath.

There are many advantages with a machine that integrates a mitre saw and a length stop such as:

- Unique control system which manages all the functions of the "two" machines
- Easier to operate, a single screen with few operator interface buttons  to control both units
- No need for interconnection between the two units as the control system knows both the positions of the blade in relation to the length stop fence.

The new control unit of DigiBS integrates an USB port, Ethernet port and a radio interface used for the reception of measurements from Digi-FAMILY’S devices.
It offers multiple solutions to compile / get the list of measurements to be cut as:
- Reception via radio of measurements from Digi-BAR electronic caliper
- Reception via radio of measurements from Digi-BARCODE bar code reader
- Reading from USB memory a cutting list
- Receive via Ethernet of cutting lists
- Receive via WI-FI of  the cutting lists (optional) 

Cutting Unit


Kind of cut

Up cut saw

Cutting angles

CNC controlled from 20 to 160 degrees


Ø 350mm

Blade Motor

Triphase 0.75kW 2800 rpm



Positioning Unit  (Length stop)


Minimum piece measure

180 mm

Maximum piece measure


Carriage movement

Stepper Motor, magnetic encoder feedback


±0.1 mm

Positioning speed

Up to 50 m/min





Control unit

HMI 7” colour touch screen + plc cards

Radio Interfaces


Usb for external Keyboard / mouse / usb flash drive