DigiRPT is as simple yet useful device which can absolve various critical functions in the workshop. It can basically work in three different ways:


DigiRPT is able to increase the functional working area of the DigiFAMILY products in any environment where the power of the standard device isn’t enough due to distance or physical obstacles such as walls or iron structures. It can receive data from any transmitter device like DigiBAR or DigiBARCODE, amplify it and send it to the recipient, that could be a DigiSTOP, a DigiBS, a DigiX etc.

Converter Radio/RS232:

DigiRPT can also be used as interface between our transmitter products and any other machine with an RS232 port.

It can receive via radio the measures from the caliper bar DigiBAR or from the DigiBARCODE and rebroadcast it according to a fully programmable protocol to the other device.

Box Radio/DigiPRN

The third way to use the DigiRPT is as an interface between a DigiBAR or DigiBARCODE and a DigiPRN.

With this configuration it’s possible to print the data sent by the device directly on a label.



2 lines LCD 16 characters


Industrial protected 6 keys

Communication ports

Radio interface + RS232

Power supply

24v DC



Open field range

30m radius


Real time radio communication with any DigiFAMILY device

Fully configurable RS232 interface output

Ability to store up to 100 measures when unable to send