The DigiBS-IG is the natural evolution of the DigiBS bead saw concept,

featuring a revolutionary loading unit made to cut out all the operator-related failures in the beads working process.

The traditional length stop unit of the standard DigiBS is transformed in a loading unit positioned ahead

the cutting unit on the working flow and equipped with an all new clamping unit taking the place of the fence.

The clamping unit design is inspired by the block-less device found in the standard DigiBS and can copy almost every profile

on the market without specific parts. Plus its glass simulator is directly controlled by the CU

to minimize the friction during the positioning and facilitate the loading of a new bar.

The software has been developed to manage everything from the first cut to the end of the bead,

the operator needs only to press start and unload the worked profile, the machine knows from the list the type of cycle needed,

how much bar feed and if it’s necessary to head cut the profile and thanks to a special sensor it also knows the last workable piece with the remaining bar.

The performances in speed and precision of the machine are the same as the standard one with 0.1 mm positioning accuracy

and up to 50m/min for positioning speed, to ensure the fastest and most accurate production cycle.

As the standard machine that doesn’t involve the requirement of order the machine in a specific configuration,

the DigiBS IG is made to be converted from RH to LH easily without extra pieces.