DigiBAR 4.0

DigiBAR4.0 is an Electronic Measuring Instrument designed and produced to take measurements of glazing beads.It is made with an aluminum profile on which slides a plastic cursor containing the electronics and batteries
DigiBAR4.0  can take measurements from 140mm to 1600mm with the accuracy of 0.1mm and by installing the extension bar can measure up to 3000mm
The electronic control unit is equipped with an absolute magnetic measuring system ( no need zero setting), an advanced radio interface and internal memory, measurements can be stored on board or sent to the electronic Length Stop DigiSTOP4.0  or to any other DigiFAMILY device
The battery lasts up to at least 8/9 consecutive hours, to recharge DigiBAR4.0  simply insert it into the DigiCHARGER docking station (option) or connect the appropriate power supply to the cursor without removing the batteries
The 4.0 version is the last evolution of a 15 years old product, we have now  introduced new software functions:
Profiles Archive – now it is possible to set on DigiBAR4.0 the code of the profile that we are about to measure in such a way as to transmit it to the machine, the operator will be able to see on the screen the code of the bead to be cut and, if the machine is equipped with the EGS system the machine Set UP (to hold the profile in position) is completely automatic.
Cut cycles Archive– We have introduced the cutting cycles archive, the operator of the DigiBAR4.0 will be able to set the cutting cycle necessary for the bead that must be measured. Together with the detected measure, the caliber will also transmit the cutting cycle code, in the event that the machine is the DigiBS, this will automatically set the cutting cycle (45=45 or 90=90 etc …)
Saving the data on the machine PC– The new DigiBAR 4.0 software offers the possibility to send and receive all the data saved on it to the connected machine. This function has been designed to minimize inconvenience in case of replacement of hardware or data loss on the DigiBAR4.0, if the replacement of it is necessary or if you want to introduce a new DigiBAR4.0 in the same production line, it will be sufficient to send all the archives saved on the machine to the caliber itself to make it operational in a few minutes

The DigiBAR can be used also in the production of windows out of square.
With a special set of blocks designed to be inserted in the vertex of the window with every angle it’s
easy to find the real length of the bead needed.
The blocks are able to rotate to let the operator take the measure in the easiest way.

Minimum measure 140 mm
Maximum measure (without extension ) 1600 mm
Maximum measure (with extension ) 3000 mm
Weight 2190 gr
Power supply 4 AAA rechargeable batteries
Measuring system Absolute magnetic (no zero setting needed)
Display 2 lines, 16 characters LCD
Keyboard Industrial protected 6 keys
Indications 2 LED (green for power on and charging , orange for measure in memory)
Aerial Internal integrated
Handle Integrated handle with double industrial button to send sizes
Real time radio transmission to any DigiFAMILY device
DigiBAR4.0  is able to store up to 100 measure when is out of radio range
You can use 30 different correction values (for cutting beads at 90° or overlap)
You can use 30 different alphanumeric reference to be associated to  measurement
Up to 30 alphanumeric profiles codes the (with automatic link to cutting cycle reference and correction)
Up to 30 cutting cycles to be associated to the measures
You can set a proportional correction factor as a function of the measured reading.
The software handles 3 different extension bars. (as a standard we supply one extension bar )
SLEEP function to save batteries and a quick return to work
DigiBAR 4.0
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