DigiBS IG OT 4.0 – Bead Saw for PVC with variable cutting angle (20°-160°) with infeed gripper and outfeed table

The maximum expression of integration is the DigiBS IG OT
This glazing bead saw is an automatic cutting line. 

The operator must load the bar and remove the cut pieces on the unloading table: all handling operations are automatic so the working time is not influenced by the operator himself. 

The cutting unit is the same as the standard DigiBS: the saw is an ”up-cut” type (blade diameter 300mm), while the positioning of the variable cutting angle from 20° to 160° is managed by a NC rotating table. 

The DigiBS4.0 is specifically designed for cutting glazing beads, equipped with a universal clamping system for a rapid or electronic adjustment (EGS – Electronic Glass Simulator option). The system allows the processing of different profiles without templates or counter blocks.

The loading gripper uses the proven locking system which completely eliminates the use of counterblocks and allows the machine to be used as a simple measurement stop by advancing the bar manually. (useful function for cutting pieces). The unloading table can accommodate up to 15 pieces and does not require adjustments

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In the DigiBS 4.0-IG OT version the length stop is transformed into an infeed gripper.

This system is designed to keep the profile clamped in the correct position and feed the cutting unit automatically with the exact amount of bars needed. 

The operator needs only to load a new bar, perform the first cut and unload the worked pieces.

A photocell installed on the clamping unit also activates the machine when the bar is too short to perform the cutting process and informs the operator to prepare and load a new one.

The outfeed table can manage up to 15 pieces without any adjustment.

Cutting list creation

  • Manual entering of data from touch screen
  • Loading files from USB memory, Ethernet or Wi-Fi (.txt)
  • Radio reception of measurements from the DigiBAR electronic gauge and automatic creation of list

It is possible to add, delete and edit any line at any time, selecting the line directly from the touch screen. If needed, the machine is able to manage the head cut of any initial cutting cycle.
The carriage fence moves automatically away from the saw after the cutting operation to facilitate cut piece removal. Moreover, the color touch screen contains all the information the operator needs during the work cycle, the colored areas clearly and immediately indicate the status of the machine. 

The integration with the DigiBAR 4.0 electronic gauge is the most common and easiest way to work with the DigiBS bead saw: a cutting list will be automatically generated in real time during the measurement cycle.

The DigiBS IG control unit integrates an advanced radio interface that is able to create and manage a robust radio network in the whole workshop.

All the products of the DigiFAMILY family are able to use this network to exchange information.

Cutting angle


Data Sheet

General Features
Kind of cut  Single Bar Up cut saw
Cutting angles  CNC controlled “arrow cut” from 20 to 160 degrees
Blade D 300 mm 
Blade Motors Tree-phases 0.75 kW 2800 rpm
Cutting feeding Pneumatic feed, speed adjustment by external knob
Bars positioning Exclusive system that allows to cut any type of bead without dedicated counter blocks

Pneumatic glass simulator with 12 presets manually selectable or Electronic Glass Simulator for an “infinite” number of profiles

Working plane height 920mm +/-30mm 
Minimum and maximum piece measure 180 -3180 mm
Weight 300 Kg
Power Supply Tree phases 400V 50/60Hz
Carriage movement  Stepper Motor, Magnetic encoder feedback 
Accuracy ±0,1 mm
Positioning speed 30 m/min
Head rotation movement Stepper motor (magnetic band feedback)

Electronics and Software

HMI  Indust. PC 15” Touch Screen SSD Win 10 IoT
Radio Interface (DigiBAR commun.) Integrated
USB port for Keyboard Memory  Integrated
WI-FI Integrated
Ethernet Integrated

DigiBS IG OT 4.0 is controlled by a 15” Touch Screen Industrial PC connected to PLC cards. 

The Windows 10 IoT Industrial operating system combines the simplicity of the Windows environment with the stability of systems intended for production environments. 

The software is designed to recognize the working cycle directly from the list, either imported from a net source, from an USB or a DigiBAR, and it automatically prepares the first cut when it changes.

In this way, the system excludes most of the operator induced errors, like mispositioning the profile in the clamping device, ensuring precision and repeatability like only a computer controlled machine can do.

For special necessities, like reworking a few pieces or doing some tests, the machine can work as a standard DigiBS in manual mode, the working flow is reversed and a small fence is installed on the clamp.


Configurations, workshop data, parameters and production data are constantly saved on the new DigiCLOUD platform. This service allows you to minimize restart times in the event of hardware and software problems. 

The operating system is equipped with an on-line contextual help that informs the operator about the machine’s commands and, in case of breakdowns, offers a problem-solving service guiding the operator to solve the problem with photos and electrical / pneumatic diagrams directly on the screen. 

DigiINDUSTRY 4.0 (optional) is an additional service that allows production data analysis, to monitor the status of the machine and the working processes, in compliance with the Industry 4.0 procedures.